Handcrafted by real Artisans in Jaipur, India.
Opuline’s jewellery is not only a demonstration of our love for the beautiful and aesthetic. We strive to represent a deeper cause rooted in more ethical business practices.
We make sure to support our talented artisans and maintain a close working relationship with our production team. In doing so we create a community of artisans, preventing their skills from dying out and being replaced by machines. 
We create timeless, hand-crafted jewellery using traditional Eastern techniques, magical gemstones and conflict-free uncut diamonds.

In face of the Covid-19, we have continuously made sure that our workers in India are working in spaces that are thouroughly sanitised on a daily basis. On top of that, we are donating food and supplies to them and making sure their families are being looked after.

Your beautiful jewellery will come carefully hand-packed in a fully-lined reusable potli pouch made of 100% silk and handmade by women in Indian villages. The keepsake will be then placed in a fully recyclable cardboard box and will include a customised card for each of our glamorous customers.

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(Ft. Soki Earrings)