Your Opuline jewellery should be handled with care at all times.
All silver will tarnish over time, but try to avoid contact with agents such as perfume, salty air, sulphur, cosmetics, chlorine and acidic skin ph. 
How do I care for my Opuline jewellery?
- Use a polishing cloth often to prevent tarnishing 
- We do not recommend the use of silver polish and silver dip as it may cause damage
- Do not expose the jewellery to harsh chemicals, chlorine and salt water
- Remove the jewellery prior to cleaning, bathing and swimming and do not expose the jewellery to perfume and cosmetics
- When jewellery is not worn, it should be stored in a protective box or a tarnish-resistant pouch
- We recommend that the jewellery is professionally checked and cleaned at least once a year
- Do not wear jewellery with stones where it may be exposed to rough surfaces, extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals or severe impacts
- Jewellery with stones should always be stored separated from each other to avoid scratching
- Do not store your jewellery in the bathroom
- Avoid rough handling and when not in wear, keep items of jewellery separate to avoid scratching
Please also note that all stones are natural and may slightly vary in colour and size.