Our Story

 Since ancient times, the World has been marvelling in the extravagance of Eastern jewellery and its mystical properties. A tradition in which jewellery unites people in the art of adornment, worn by man and woman, King and commoner: it is from this love of jewellery that Opuline arose.

Our handmade pieces radiate the beauty of the East and its rich heritage, carrying inspiration from the regal archways and vibrant colours of citrus fruits and aromatic spices. Opuline uses materials sourced in an ethical way, such as conflict-free uncut diamond polki, natural handpicked stones and embraces traditional embossing and enamel techniques. Combining rawness with elegance, Opuline’s timeless creations embrace the true essence of an Empress.

Natasha Khushi, the creative mind behind the brand, has always had an eye for visionary, innovative design. A moment of enlightenment came to her when, during her final year at Design School, she was fascinated by her grandmother’s Eastern heirloom jewellery and patterns, which led her to combine a crossover of cultures for her graduate collection: the exotic decadence of the East with the fashion-forward trends of the West.

“Femininity and sensuality are some of the many super powers a woman innately has within her. Our enchanting Opuline jewellery enhances these qualities, empowering our natural allure. I take inspiration from my heritage,  the mystical wonders of the East with daring European fashions. I have always been an advocate for true craftsmanship and the traditional techniques used in our designs take genuine skill and passion, supporting the talents of our gifted artisans.”